Saturday, September 24, 2011

dotty gets talky

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ok, blog. we need to have a little talk. over the course of the last two months i have bought nine pairs of shoes.  that is EIGHTEEN shoes.  this is way more new shoes than any dotty needs to acquire.  granted, i have all sorts of excuses for this: 
i started a new job! 
i didn't buy any work shoes while i was in grad school! 
i walk a bajillion times more now that i live in the city! 
all my flats were worn out or pinchy!  
i have no gray shoes!  
those purple patent shoes i used to wear all the time are silly!  
(see, i am super good at justifying over-buying.)

the point is that this mountain of shoes was accompianied by a mountain of new clothes. some of which are things that i really like and others i'm not even that crazy about. and then while sorting through my winter clothes last weekend i realized that i had amassed quite a collection of thrifted wool things while i was in grad school. and although i didn't spend very much money on these purchases, they were taking up a lot of closet space (and mental space). it became obvious that there was a problem.

now that i am over my excitement about returning to be the land of paychecks, i have decided (with the help of my very wise mother) to set a limit on how many pieces i buy each month. there will be a budget involved too, but the quantity is a much bigger challenge for me. so, instead of buying oodles of cheap things, i'm limited it to TWO pieces of clothing/shoes and one accessory per month. the idea is that i will consider my purchases more carefully and end up with a closet of pieces that i adore. my closet will always shifting to adjust to seasons, whims, and acquisitions; but i want to be more intentional about what gets through the door. 

so why is this important to the blog? well, um, it's a blog about what i wear. and because of this, it becomes partially a blog about shopping. i've read this complaint many times before: that blogging about clothes leads to an increase in shopping for clothes and following trends. i list where i buy things, which is, unintentionally, an encouragement to buy the same things. more importantly, (but perhaps less obvious) my blog is about remixing. i would like it to focus even more on how to combine the clothes that you already have into more and/or better combinations. (click on the "remixes" button over on my sidebar to see all my "previously on" posts that feature how i've worn a piece multiple times.)

phew! this is definitely my wordiest post ever, but i hope that it helps explain my intentions and such. 

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