Monday, September 26, 2011

dotty and sockfords

moto: forever21
tie-neck blouse: thriftastic, bought during my polyester-things-with-bows phase
tube: forever21 (similar)
socks: target (similar)
oxfords: old navy (exactly)
arm gathering (not quite a party yet): forever21, thrifted, c/o inpink

i had a shmergency (a shoe emergency) last week when these suckers decided to cut my toes.  luckily, i walk past oodles of chain retailers on my way to the train from work, so i stopped in to fix the problem.  i was going to just buy a pair of rubber flops, but decided to spend six times as much and get some shoes i could actually wear to work.  my co-workers might go to meetings in flops, but i'm not that flippant.  


so trashy.  it makes the alley more authentic.  


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