Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dotty updates

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thanks to everyone who weighed in on my dress decision last week.  i was in agreement with the majority and wore the gray dress to the event.  i paired it with my most comfortable four-inch heels and some gin drinks for a delightful evening of meeting scores of the boy's coworkers.  

on saturday we went back to the racetrack for the big race of the season with the boy's parents.  i wore a perfect giant hat and will do a proper post about my rainy day outfit later this week.

i follow a couple bloggers that mix anthropologie pieces into their wardrobes really well (like caffeinerd and eekachinski), but have never been smitten with anything i try on there.  i always like it in theory, but seem to try on pieces that fit weird or are ridiculously expensive.  that all changed this weekend when i saw these super wide-leg silk pants that fit like a dream and have some sort movie-star quality to them.  the only question is how long until i crack and go buy them.  my guess is within two weeks i will make the ten minute walk over there. 

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