Friday, August 12, 2011

dotty straightens things out

before and after, hair straightener, product review

i have a soft spot for makeover movies, so when i received this hana straightener from misikko, i thought i would give it a shot.  the before shot has the two most important features for being an awkward teenager: frizzy hair and nerd glasses.  i think overalls and being arty are involved too, but I seem to be lacking in denim clothing with shoulder straps and paint palettes these days. 

moving on, let’s talk about the machine in the middle.  it arrived in the mail super quickly and was packed very carefully with lots of bubble wrap and bows.  my current solia straightener is similar ­in that it has blue ceramic plates, but this shiny new one outpaced it in warm-up time, not getting my hair caught in it, and the number of passes needed to get out kinks.  to preserve the scientific method, i used my usual product routine of moroccan oil and chi iron guard to protect my hair. as an added bonus i haven’t straightened my hair in about six weeks, so it’s exceptionally healthy, but still this straightener was pretty awesome.

so, if you are in the market for new hair appliances, check out misikko’s flat irons, chi straighteners, babyliss flatirons, or hana products.  

frizzy hair care of midwest summer humidity and blow-drying without using a round brush.  glasses are from the 
boy’s warby parker trial box. 

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