Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dotty, instagramed.


my day in instagram photos
8: retrieving my spectacles
8: putting on my dots
8: straightening my hairs
9: taking fit pics
10: driving to school
10: waiting for my bus
11: arriving at studio
11: pinning up my drawings
12: eating an asiago bagel
1: documenting my modeldrawing
2: preparing to talk
3-5: listening to presentations
6: wandering downstairs for an exhibit closing reception
7: crossing the street
7: crossing a treacherous ice field
7: smiling because i am home and done with my thesis mid-review
7: turning some knobs
8: reading for my cultural anthropology class tomorrow
8: cooking noodles
8: reading some more
9: writing about that reading
10: blogging


  1. This is awesome, and what a great blog post idea. :-)

  2. whoa, this is so fun! You should do this more often :)

  3. i love this! i am obsessed with instagram since every photo I snap can be transformed to something super artsy :) hahaha.