Thursday, March 3, 2011

dotty goes into the woods

tunic green neutrals woods photo blog style cardigan comfy dotty style architecture grad student
almost a dress: forever21 (exactly)
cardigan: forever21 (similar)
green tights: simply vera (exactly)
boots: old navy

the color of these tights is called "bungee cord" bungee cords?  hmm.
and i attempted to venture outdoors to take photos since it was sunny, but mostly i just felt super awkward, so instead of smiling i just looked at my boots.  

woods style photo short dress tunic forever21 vera wang tights bungee cord boots gray

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  1. I totally bought this dress too! I felt it poofed out a bit at the bottom a little too much and was fearful my bum would show. did you get that feeling?

    i too wore a cardigan. skinny belt, tights and boots! great minds think alike! it is a bit short as a dress & too long for jeans.

    great look!

  2. i LOVE grey boots. i wanted some, but they were all sold when i went online to buy them out and i was too impatient to look around more so i ended up getting brown ones. but i love these. AND the bungee cord tights. which is an odd name, you're right. huh. wonder about the connection there. dah well. great ensemble, you look awesome. as always.

  3. Hahah, almost a dress? Awesome. I have that problem sometimes (okay, frequently), and consequently end up layering a skirt underneath them or with thick tights/leggings and worrying that someone will ask me if I forgot to put on pants that day.

  4. Those great boots are great! Hmm, maybe I'll buy some now that the 30x30 is over... :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  5. I love how the colors in your outfit compliment your surroundings so beautifully. :)

  6. Simply beautiful! I've redefined my relationship with neutrals since I started seeing your outfits, been definitely inspired.

  7. This makes me want a pair of grey boots.

  8. Amazing! It's hard to think something better... Absolutely lovely!

  9. thanks, lady! you make me want to wear more color!

  10. i have a friend that frequently points out that i forgot to put on pants...especially when i'm wearing shorts with tights in the middle of winter!

  11. yup. i'm totally with you on the length of this "dress". i was wearing a skirt underneath just in case there were any wardrobe malfunctions!

  12. Wow, those grey boots are so versatile! I love it in that fourth outfit on the bottom, they look great with softer colors too!

  13. I love the white winter light in all of your photos. It makes your neutral color palette pop. Being a huge fan of neutrals myself I love this! Way to prove that bright colors aren't needed to stand out!