Monday, February 21, 2011

dotty takes names

dress: joie (exactly)
blazer: gap (similar)
belt: thrifted in vegas (similar)
necklace: dotty made
tights: apt. 9 (similar)
boots: chinese laundry (exactly)

to meet with a professor, mail some packages, and to work on my thesis movie at studio.

and this tights+boots combination felt much cooler than me.




  1. Okay, I LOOOOVE the rust/orange combination. It's so unexpected, but oh-so-good! :)

  2. I am looking at these photos and realizing that a rust-colored dress (identical to yours) is just what my closet needs. I love the styling of this outfit- the little additions like patterned tights and the blazer give it that extra-fabulous oomph.

  3. LOVE this outfit! those tights are to die for.

  4. Ooh, I love the colors Dotty! I can't believe you are on #21 and I am only only #12. LOL! I so need to catch up.

  5. i love your dotty necklace and the green accents with the shade of this dress!

  6. I just stared at that green and that orange together for about a minute straight.
    It's that good.

  7. This is such a cute outfit, the tights are such a fun touch!

    You are so ahead of me in this 30x30!

  8. loving the color of that dress and how you winterized it with the blazer and those fun tights!

  9. I absolutely love how you paired this dress with that green - I wouldn't have put those two together but they look amazing!

  10. I am loving the way this look is styled! This burnt orange is my favorite color to wear, I am always on the hunt for it! I just like how it makes me think of the 70s or for some reason, Chloe. The green belt was a great color contrast choice. Gotta follow you now, follow me back?

  11. Just found your blog on Kendi's remixers list. I love the the colors your wear, pretty much the opposite of me, but now I may have to check out the burnt orange family!

    Mary Ann (fellow remixer)

  12. Holy awesomeness dotty, I love this look! Those tights rock, and I love how your (handmade!) necklace goes with your belt. And how the blazer adds a touch of sophistication.

  13. I love how you toughened up that sweet orange dress with the blazer and patterned tights.

  14. Those tights are FIERCE! I love this mix of burnt orange with the mint green! The blazer just adds a classic element!