Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dash of orange

sweater: old navy
jeans: forever21
belt: thrifted
boots: forever21
scarf: vintage, from my mom's collection

to class to talk about consumption.  

one time i mentioned to my mom that i wanted an orange scarf.
and then she gave me this one from her collection.




  1. This is such a simple and classy outfit! I adore it. The dash of orange is just perfect.

  2. Um, your mom rocks! Love the pop of orange and that cardigan looks very, very cozy. I need more cozy cardigans in my life...

  3. What a cute outfit! Found you on 20sb. Keep in touch. :)

  4. I love that scarf--your mom has great scarf-taste :) And whenever I hear the word "consumption" I think about how that was what they used to call tuberculosis. I'm assuming though, that you're talking about the act of consuming. I'm weird, what can I say.

  5. it's a cultural anthropology class on material culture, so yeah, not so much about infectious diseases. i did, however, point out to one of my friends yesterday that her initials were short for tuberculosis...she was not amused. :)

  6. Orange is a great color on you. Love your cozy belted cardi, too.

  7. What a nice mom to give up a great scarf! It adds just a bit of bright color. Very nice!

  8. Love how you belted the cardi and that pop of color from the great scarf your mom gave you!!

  9. i love the mix of neutrals and the orange! i love that shade, it makes me wish it was autumn all year round. le sigh. a girl can dream :)