Sunday, January 23, 2011

dash of the weekend


sequins: lauren conrad (exactly)
belt: forever21
gray tights: target (similar)
cloud earrings: gift, etsy (similar)

to a legitimately surprising surprise party for a friend and then out dancing.  
this be-sequined dress is seriously shiny, but also feels a bit like a burlap sack.  
i guess it's over-sequined.  or maybe the perfect dress for a sack race. 

dress: joie (exactly)
cardigan: old navy (similar)
sweater tights: target
skinny belt: forever21
desert boots: forever21 (exactly)
earrings: forever21 (exactly)

to ikea to catch up with friends from undergrad for swedish lunch and cookie sheet shopping.  
and then we went back outside and it was freezing.  like really freezing.  i'm never going outside again.  i'll just stay inside and bake cookies. 


  1. I absolutely love ikea, I wish I had one closer for more frequent visitation. I love the orange dress, the material looks so silky and soft. However it doesn't look like it would keep you very warm in this freezing weather! Stay warm!

  2. love love these dresses. makes me want to go dancing too. haha. and the orange dress is so delightful and adds some great color to cold grey winter days.

    Stay warm!

  3. It absolutely doesn't look like a sack, but I have a sweater with 1/2 diameter sequins all over and sometimes I feel like I'm wearing chainmail! I particularly like how you paired your sparkly dress with grey tights. Black can be too harsh sometimes, but grey is a bit softer creating a look that says I'm-dressed-up-but-not-like-I'm-trying-too-hard. (wow, that was a lot of hyphenation!)

  4. You look gorgeous in both dresses. Perfect outfit for a surprise party and perfect outfit for a Swedish lunch! Love your earrings, too.

  5. Staying inside and baking cookies is pretty much my dream winter scenario. And I like the sequin dress!

  6. Your sequin dress is gorgeous! What a pretty color on you.

  7. That Joie dress is beautiful. Beautiful color, beautiful neck detail, beautiful color (wait I already said that... but it's worth repeating).

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!