Tuesday, January 4, 2011

dash of a light fixture

a paper lantern (mine is an 18" "regolit" shade and "hemma" cord set from ikea)
a whole lot of coffee filters (mine ended up needing around 700)
hot glue

1. inflate paper lantern
2. separate coffee filters individually
3. smush coffee filters
4. glue them one by one onto the lantern in rows.

progress photos (left is the first row and right is after 400 filters)

and up in my living room.

the best part of this is that i was working on it over break and kept having to come up with a name for it.  my niece first asked what it was, the room went quiet, and then i said it was a lampshade.  she accepted this and started petting it.  (it has since been called "the poof" and "an art object" as well.)


  1. That is awesome that your niece started petting it, but who could blame her? It looks so soft!

    Great job!


  2. This is gorgeous. And this will be attempted by me!

  3. WOW. Remarkably beautiful! And the photos are luminous.

  4. awesome! and lasts significantly longer than coffee-filter dresses. i am now jealous that i don't have a fixed home in which to hang one :)

  5. This is freaking genius!! I really really hope I can find time to make this soon. I don't even know where I'll put it--I just know I LOVE it!

  6. I totally LOVE it over the branch. It's like the moon through the trees in winter, but in your house! Totally perfect.

    Don't let anyone convince you to hang it over the stove. Although it would probably look cool as it burst into flames...


  7. Holy crap, this is such a great idea. I generally try not to swear in comments, but thats how much I like this.

  8. This is beautiful! I think I'll try to make one for my flower shop :)

  9. I love this! I'll have to try it sometime for my room. Excellent :)