i started this blog for one simple reason:
i wanted to dress better.

i did not know who i wanted to dress like, where i would shop, or how i would figure it all out. all i knew that i liked new clothes and then i was frequently disappointed with my purchases after a few weeks. and that i had to get dressed everyday and wander into work. around the one year mark of working like a grownup, i finally realized that i didn’t have to wear solid-color poly-blend separates just because i work in an office.  for working a creative field, i was dressing remarkably boring.  

this bloggy eventually emerged as a way for me to catalog what i liked and disliked about how i dressed. since i’ve always worked with mostly dudes, blogging lets me see what all sorts of other stylish ladies are wearing to work on any given day.

back then i lived in las vegas. now i live in chicago.
back then i was dating a cute co-worker. now i’m married to him. 
back then i wore headphones all day at work. now i spend all day on the phone.
back then i ate a lot of mini icecream sandwiches. now i still do.