Tuesday, July 11, 2017

recap: june

dash dot dotty

I've been in a work outfit rut lately and was looking back through my own archives (I knoooow--it's like how Maddie likes watching videos of herself) and really liked reading the monthly recaps I used to do.  So, let's get out the blogging gloves and recap June-ish.  In the middle of July though.

june things3 [wearing]
A lot of COS to work, a few fancy dresses to fun work events, and a lot of weekend sneakers.  (Dress on the right is from Asos)

june things2 [buying]
I just can't hop on the off-the-shoulder trend and it seems to be everywhere this year, so I've been focusing on my shoesdrobe.

Cole Haan leather sneakers
I wear these constantly because they have a super minimal profile and I can pretend that I'm wearing sneakers with a dress on purpose for my commute rather than looking like a devote powerwalker.

Mossimo Satin Slides
These are a recent acquisition and one hundred percent a product of them being displayed en route to the baby shampoo aisle.  So far they are comfortable enough for medium walks (less than a mile roundtrip) and are a comical combination of throwback to middle school sport slides and grandma-tastic satin slippers.

Madewell "Leila" suede sandals
I wanted a pair of sandals that were more work-ish than beach-ish, so this was my attempt.  So far they are not super comfy and it bothers me that the straps don't stay exactly parallel.

june things [reading]
Edward Tufte's Envisioning Information
I'm heading up the design side of new workplace standards for a very organized client at work, so I'm  brushing up on my graphic presentation skills.

Sophie Kinsella's My (Not So) Perfect Life
I'm just starting this based on a review over on the Cedar Park Blog and it has promise as a light read.

Amy Cuddy's Presence
I was assigned the goal of being louder within the giant office I work at, so I'm working on it (by using the most sciencey, TED talk-ish book I could find.)

For a beach week at the beginning of August and a wedding trip Missouri in September.  Bring on the beach towels and dancing shoes!  (Sidenote: how great is it when your friends that have been dating for forever finally get married?)

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