Wednesday, October 19, 2016

dotty, crisp white, and...well, a bunch of dots.

the fallness
dots top: catherine catherine malandrino
jeans: vince
flats: vince

Since any "three things" commentary would mostly be about how I managed to successfully not impale any toddlers at daycare this week while unfolding Maddie's stroller or how baby food bananas smell really good, we'll go with a little more structure for today's post.

creative: This top seems like the prefect combination of pattern and texture.  And yeah, I like me some dots.

young: This is essentially just jeans and a white top, but the longer sleeve length makes the top a bit more serious.

professional: This was a Friday outfit, but it could have been another day of the week with no client meetings since my office is pretty casual.  (Or I could just swap the jeans for some gray dress pants.)

the fallness

the fallness

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