Tuesday, August 16, 2016

dotty, grown-up dotty, and young dotty

summer outfit
top: rebecca taylor
pants: old navy
flats: vince
clutch: clare vivier

[three things]
1. Lace crop tops are probably not usually intended for thirty-somethings.  I made an exception for this particular fancy and especially cropped one.

2. After wearing skinny pants pretty much exclusively, these pajama-like pants feel amazing.

3. Sometimes black pants and a black shirt are the perfect combination.  Man, if you had told me this ten years ago I would've said that that sounds like the most boring wardrobe ever.  I also was big on this idea that I should never wear black, just dark brown, because my hair was brown.  Oh, young Dotty, you had it all wrong.

  summer outfit

summer outfit

summer outfit

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