Monday, June 27, 2016

pregnant dotty, getting dressed, and going to work

maternity at work_small

If you've ever attempted to buy work clothes to accommodate a bump, you understand that while it is very easy to look comfortable, looking professional is a whole other story.  I relied very heavily on my jacket collection because even when my shoes stopped fitting, my jackets still did.  (Unbuttoned, of course!)  I was still doing site visits for one of my projects up until my last week, so just imagine those skinny pants paired with steel-toed boots.  Also imagine a bunch of construction workers being very nervous when a super pregnant lady shows up in a hard hat and asks a bunch of questions.

Anywho, my top pregnant-but-still-professional outfit combinations...

[one and two] patterned jacket+maternity dress: One of my co-workers who was pregnant with her second clued me in to the wonderfulness of the Liz Lange maternity dresses at Target.  They are definitely casual on their own, but with a necklace and jacket they clean up pretty nicely.

[three and four] jacket+maternity wrap dress: I bought a wrap dress in December and wore it until April because it was wonderfully expandable.

[five, six, and seven] skinny maternity pants+maternity tee+jacket: I tried really hard to find maternity dress pants, but it was just a disaster.  If the legs worked then the belly band would be itchy or tight or for someone carrying quadruplets.  Or vice versa.  I found these skinny pants at H&M fairly early on and bought a second pair to make it through.

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