Wednesday, November 25, 2015

dotty, a quick hello, and gratuitous vacation photos

beach mix
[oh hi!]
*tap, tap* Is this still on?  It is?  Okay, great.
It's been awhile, eh?  The job monster swallowed me alive for the last few months and while we managed to throw an unprecedented amount of parties, I've been mostly focused on un-photogenic career-ish things.  (And finding the perfect ice bucket.)  As a result, I have been wearing a lot of simple, blacked out outfits.
But then, all of sudden, things got much, much sunnier and much, much warmer.  Because we finally took one of those vacation things.  Eeep!  And just like that, Bruce (our camera) re-appeared and I took a break from wearing the same three black pairs of pants on repeat.
So, if you're in a winter snowderland right now, then I apologize for the inundation of palm trees to follow.  I feel you though, we're headed to the mitten state for Thanksgiving this week...where we are guaranteed all-you-can-eat gloomy weather.  (And pie.  Lots of pie.)

cardigan: twelfth street by cynthia vincent
dress: madewell
flops: lc lauren conrad
sunnies: amazon

beach mix

beach mix

beach mix


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