Friday, May 8, 2015

dotty, rain delays, and grid pants

dash dot dotty [wearing] 
sweater: banana republic
pants: loft
necklaces: forever21

[three things]
1. What do you wear to work when it's drizzly and icky outside?  Comfy pants and big sweater.  I'm usually a blazers-to-work person, but the side vents on this sweater are a little weird with blazers and I liked the slouchy vibe.

2.  Houseplants.  I think they might be multiplying while I'm asleep.

3.  One of my co-workers said something the other day about how I rarely wear patterns.  Say what?  I guess I've been wearing too many black dresses with black jackets lately!  But really, come on, I own grid pants!  And wear them borderline too often!

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty

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