Monday, December 29, 2014

recap: december

december grid_dec [going]
To three different art museums: The Art Institute of Chicago (easy one since we're members and eat lunch there at least once a week), The MCA (best place to see what artsy people's children look like), and The Broad Museum in East Lansing (since we were nearby to go to the movies).

A whole lot of Peaky Blinders on Netflix.  And apparently trying on hats and talking in terrible Irish accents as a result.

Presents.  (Obviously.)  And a few things for me along the way:

A new batch of necklaces from Forever21 (including this drop-chain choker).  Even though I've cut way back on my cheap shopping this year, I am still terrible at losing/breaking jewelry, so it's best to keep my purchases on the cheap side.  Total: $45.

Calf-hair ankle boots from Gap.  These are a replacement for my black short boots (seen in this old post) that are not looking so good anymore.  $58.

Printed velour dress from Zara.  It looks like your grandma's couch.  And that couch is awesome.  $35.

Purple coated "Verdugo" jeans by Paige Premium Denim (similar, but way brighter purple).  Somehow I chose shiny purple jeans over gray ones.  Go figure.  $89.

December total: $227.
and get nosy with a bunch of other blogger's budgets over hurrrr.

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