Thursday, October 30, 2014

dotty, leopards, and claws

october outfit [wearing]
dress: j.crew
jacket: zara (sim.)
talon necklace: forever21
leopard tights: forever21 (sim.)
flats: j.crew
tote: madewell

[three things]
1. I was sorting through my big box of tights and while I'm a bit short on warm black tights, I've got tons of novelty patterns and colors.  This leopard pair has been part of my collection for years apparently (proof!) because they don't get worn more than about twice a winter.

2. This necklace used to have two talons, but one got lost somewhere (#cheapnecklaceproblems).  It makes it harder for me to pretend that they are claws now though.

3. This dress.  I bought it at the beginning of the summer when I started my new job and it's definitely a year-round wear-to-everything dress.

october outfit

october outfit

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