Friday, August 8, 2014

dotty, marshmallows, and bangles

august outfit
marshmallow top: labworks for target (exactly)
skirt: merona (exactly)
flats: old navy (similar)
tote: madewell (exactly)
necklace: h&m
bracelet: h&m

[three things]
1. i really wanted to wear jeans with this top, but it's a little bit shorter in the front and all my jeans looked funny with it.  i think it would look better with pants or a midi skirt that is more fitted at the bottom, but its inaugural wearing was a success anyway.

2. my grouchy desk neighbor even commented that she liked this top.  and she does NOT like me.  or want to talk to me.  or want me to say good morning to her.  so this is a big deal.  and i went to a meeting today where there were snickerdoodles.  cookies and outfit compliments are pretty much what i'm looking for in a job apparently.

3. i wrote about my fitbit bracelet problems last week and after reading all the commiserating comments, i got out my big box of older jewelry and pulled all the big bangles.  this old stretchy one fits perfectly over my standard issue fitbit bracelet and the elastic holding the silver circles together keeps my fitbit stuck hidden.  i can't easily press the button to see my progress, but i like to check it on my phone anyway.  i still want to find a hinged bangle that will work, but that would involve gluing a rubber bracelet to the inside of it.  is that even possible?  superglue?

august outfit

august outfit

august outfit

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