Friday, July 25, 2014

dotty, unnecessary hashtags, and a whole lot of ikea

summer tour
it's been a little while since i posted any photos of our home and since we just signed up for another year in our sunny, below-market-value-because-it-is-not-that-close-to-the-train apartment, so i thought it was about time to share some of my favorite little pieces.

p.s. how cute is it that those cacti look like a couple on vacation posing for a photo and waving at the camera?

summer tour#partytimeallthetime
paper lanterns from ikea + spray-painted leftover table numbers from our wedding

  summer tour#flylikepaper
ikea clock + discontinued blik paper airplanes wall decals

summer tour#bedsidemanner
ikea headboard + target pillowcase + west elm nightstand

summer tour#rainingonmyparade
ikea shower curtain

summer tour #thesisshmesis
a chunk of my master's thesis + eames rocker + ikea furryness

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