Thursday, April 3, 2014

dotty, cardigan days, and remixed boots

cardigan: twelfth street by cynthia vincent (exactly)
dress: joie (similar)
boots: forever21 (exactly)
bag: marc by marc jacobs (exactly)

[three things]
1. how awesome is it when you buy something and you want to wear it every single day?  and that three weeks later you STILL want to wear it every single day?  it's probably good that it's going to warm soon-ish, since pretty much everyone i know has now seen me wearing this cardigan at least twice!

2. for pleather boots, this low wedge pair has done remarkably well this winter.  they're not so good for snowdrifts though.

3. this dress is borderline too short for work by my standards of being able to wheel around the office at high speeds comfortably.  (my office has a chair hockey team, so we are always training.)




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