Thursday, March 20, 2014

dotty, rainboots, and late winter neutrals

march dot
coat: zara (similar)
scarf: marc jacobs x target
sweater: blvd
pants: j.crew factory (exactly)
boots: loeffler randall (short version)
bag: marc by marc jacobs (exactly)

march dot

march dot

march dot

[previously on] loeffler randall rainboots

[three things]
1. apparently i was wearing these rainboots when we got engaged (middle photo above).

2. i saw an annoyingly snarky comment on jill's blog the other day about how fashion bloggers are supposed to wear lots of color.  i was not aware that this was a thing that people actual thought (or commented!) so i was kinda bothered by it.  it's definitely easier to make a statement and stand out with a bright color or pattern, but i do not think that it's a prerequisite for being stylish or blogging about style.  anyway, i have definitely been dressing more neutral-ish lately and i don't see that changing drastically any time soon.  sorry to get a bit ranty, sometimes the judgies and meanies just get to me a little.

3. with that and tan fo life.  

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