Monday, November 4, 2013

dotty, a remixing challenge, and day one

november outfit
dress: theory
cardigan: j.crew via thredup
tights: simply vera
boots: forever21 (exactly)
bag: phillip lim for target
necklace: forever21 (exactly)

when i saw that lily from fifth freedom fashion was bringing back the famous thirty remix this fall, i started thinking about how i've been in a bit of a creative slump lately.  and that this might be just the thing to remix some of my favorite pieces and come up with some new combinations!  i've done three of these in the past (summer, fall, and winter), but it has been quite awhile.

since my blog is perpetually a week behind real-time, i actually started last week.  surprise!  it was a particularly busy week for work, which made having a bunch of outfits picked out seem like a genius idea every morning.  i was hoping to have nailed down my last five pieces before i posted, but my ridiculous indecisiveness took over.  originally, i was going to include two pencil skirts, but i really have not been wearing them much lately.  i'll probably swap them out for dresses later on.  anywho, here we go with outfit one of thirty!  only twenty-nine to go!

november outfit

november outfit

november outfit

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