Wednesday, August 21, 2013

dotty, stripes, and a patterned scarf

august outfit
jacket: zara (similar)
dress: c/fan (similar)
scarf: gift
giant bag: banana republic (similar)
shoes: old navy (similar)

[three things]
1. this striped jacket has only made one other blog appearance since i bought it last month, but it is definitely becoming a favorite.
2. i was re-organizing my closet and found this scarf hiding in a suitcase.  oh hi, awesome pattern!  i think this was the last time i wore it.
3. this dress is a wee bit too short for work and i had kinda forgotten about it until the plotter was out of the paper i needed and i had to do a bunch of lifting and reaching to re-load it.  maybe next time i'll just print on giant paper and cut the sheets down.  or leave the plotter empty like eeeerbody else does.  lazy bums.

august outfit

august outfit

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