Friday, August 31, 2012

dotty, august, and sister-birthdays

see ya
it's monthly recap time!  

finishing: unpacking!  there's one lone box lingering in the dining room (because it's full of spilled oats) but other than that everything is put away and organized-ish/hidden in a closet.

beginning: fall wedding season!  one of my favorite people from vegas is up first and then the boy's old roommate later this month.  

going: to the left coast for five awesome days of celebrating, eating, beaching, and celebrating some more.  

wishing: my big sister a very happy golden birthday!  (it's today!  and i get to see her TOMORROW!)  

that's us on her wedding day seven years ago...somehow there are like fifty photos of us high-fiving and only a few normal ones.  

reading: a lame sauce structural engineering review book.  i get excited for the quizzes, that's how awful studying for my next exam is.  

shopping: at nordstrom rack with co-workers this past month.  sometime last week i had a moment where i thought "man, i dress so boringly so much of the time."  and then i had a girly happy hour martini and went and bought four pieces that i'm totes excited about.  maybe i just needed a lil bit of newness.

august recap

wearing: hmm....i'm not really seeing any themes in this month's outfits.  we were moving/unpacking/working too much for most it, so my creativity was a bit lacking.  i wore white a bunch, so there's that.  watch out, labor day, you're not going to stop my light neutrals obsession!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

dotty, white pencils, and remixing

dash dot dotty, white pencil skirt, club monaco, vince sweater, light neutrals, ootd, remixes, what to wear to work
sweater: vince, worn backwards (similar)
skirt: club monaco (exactly)
boots: target (similar)
necklace: c/o swaychic

post 3pm hair
+a bunch of light neutrals
+shiny necklace
=workfit success

sweater and skirt, tan and white, outfits

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white pencil skirt, remix, one skirt, four ways, how to wear, outfit ideas, work outfits

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

dotty, mustard, and peach

mustard top: old navy (exactly)
pants: j.crew (exactly)
scarf: forever21
giant bag: banana republic
wedges: simply vera (similar)

to work, and since it's a tuesday let's break this down right quick:

creative: mustard + peach.  not a typical color combination, but i have all my scarves hanging on the back of my closet door now, so expect some interesting color combinations to start popping up.
young: i'm allowed to wear sleeveless tops to work, but i don't want to push that boundary with questionable straps, so this sunny top is perfect.
professional: i wrote about how perfect these pants are back in the winter and i'm sticking by it.  


Monday, August 27, 2012

dotty, walking shoes, and a purse big enough to fit my camera

summer outfit, dress with moto jacket, grays, light neutrals, ootd, outfit blog, casual style
dress: joie
moto jacket: forever21 (similar)
flats: old navy (exactly)
bag: zara

museum-ing and sushi.  probs one of my favorite saturday combinations.

august outfit

august outfit

and since he hasn't made an appearance in awhile, here's the top of the boy's head:
august outfit

Friday, August 24, 2012

dotty, stripes, and steeze

striped sweater dress, cotton stripes, cream and black big stripes, ootd, wear to work, casual work looks, dash dot dotty, dresses with flats, pointed flats, brick wall bloggers
stripes: h&m
flats: old navy (exactly)
bag: zara
necklaces: forever21+diy

to work and a quesadilla office lunch.  

august outfit


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

dotty, something corporate, and purple pencils

dash dot dotty, marrakesh purple, double serge cotton pencil skirt j.crew, purple pencil skirt, white dress shirt, creative young professional, ootd, what to wear to work
white shirt: new york and company (similar)
purple skirt: j.crew (exactly)
flats: old navy (exactly)
giant bag: banana republic

to a quarterly meeting for work and a building tour (hence the non-heels)

creative: instead of being a neutral, this skirt is SO PURPLE.  
young: since i was attending a meeting with the entire company, i wanted to avoid being confused with the summer interns who are ten years younger than me, so looking like a bit of a grown up was one of my priorities.
professional: i am all about the resurgence of slightly pointed shoes and i've been using this pair (and their spotted cousins) a whole lot lately to add a bit of fanciness to outfits.



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

dotty, bicycles, and toast

jacket: gap (super similar)
tee: forever21
jeans: old navy (exactly)
pointy flats: old navy (exactly)

for a bike ride and some diner breakfast.  



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

dotty, collars, and innertubes

blouse: many belles down c/o swaychic (exactly)
skirt: club monaco
flats: old navy (exactly)
necklace: c/o swaychic (exactly)

i'm totally into this blouse and it's collar that is all doubled up and fancy, yet not uptight.  like if the queen of england was floating down a lazy river in an innertube.  or if...umm....that's really all i've got.  


august outfits


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

dotty, shorties, and grayscale

dress: joie (similar)
jacket: forever21 (similar)
flats: cole haan
bag: banana republic

creative: does it ever seem funny to anyone else that "creative" types seem to wear more black?  my office dresses more corporate than creative, but i still have days when i just want to grayscale it up.
young: this dress is a wee bit too short for work, but with flats on a no-meeting day it totally works.  
professional: necklaces, a yyyyeah.  in this outfit's defense, it's very good at going to happy hour after work.  

august outfit

Monday, August 13, 2012

dotty, pearls, and pleats

august outfit
dress: c/o maurice's (exactly)
sweater: zara 
wedges: elie tahari
pearls: thrifted

this outfit is three parts ladylike and one part it's a little chilly out for august.  this dress that maurice's sent over has some seriously awesome pleating detail and looks much spendier than it actually is.  

august outfit

august outfit

Thursday, August 9, 2012

dotty, chambray, and big flowers

summer work outfits, dash dot dotty, outfit blog, tan pencil skirt, chambray shirt, outfit ideas, big flower pin, ootd
chambray: thrifted (similar)
skirt: the limited (exactly)
big flower: h&m
wedges: the webster at target (exactly)

to work (to hear my co-workers make comments about this flower alllll day)

july outfit

july outfit

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chambray shirt, remix idea, outfit ideas with a chambray shirt, heck yeah chambray

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

dotty, another tiny blazer, and some more neutrals

tiny tuxedo blazer: thrifted (similar)
tee: forever21
pants: j.crew (exactly)
heels: missoni for target (kinda similar)
necklace: dotty-made

this is totes a combination of my go-to pieces.
comfy neutrals+a blazer/necklace/heels/etc to dress them up.
some mornings are just that sort of morning.  
and even though i'm finally getting kinda used to leaving for work at 6:15, i would still rather be wearing pajamas that early.  



Monday, August 6, 2012

dotty, summer dresses, and wandering

july outfit
dress: j.crew (exactly)
whistle necklace: forever21
belt: forever21
flats: cole haan
giant bag: banana republic

to the art institute for a bit of wandering.  


Thursday, August 2, 2012

dotty, racetracks, and big pockets

july outfit, arlington heights outfit, racetrack, horse racing, at the post, ootd, giant hats, racetrack attire
dress: c/fan (similar)
necklace: charlotte russe
bag: zara
sandals: forever21
giant hat: j.crew (similar)

to the racetrack!  whenever we get together group of friends to go it ends up being ridiculously hot, rainy, or both.  this time it was just hot, so i was super happy to be wearing a loose dress and a giant hat.  

july outfit

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