Friday, August 31, 2012

dotty, august, and sister-birthdays

see ya
it's monthly recap time!  

finishing: unpacking!  there's one lone box lingering in the dining room (because it's full of spilled oats) but other than that everything is put away and organized-ish/hidden in a closet.

beginning: fall wedding season!  one of my favorite people from vegas is up first and then the boy's old roommate later this month.  

going: to the left coast for five awesome days of celebrating, eating, beaching, and celebrating some more.  

wishing: my big sister a very happy golden birthday!  (it's today!  and i get to see her TOMORROW!)  

that's us on her wedding day seven years ago...somehow there are like fifty photos of us high-fiving and only a few normal ones.  

reading: a lame sauce structural engineering review book.  i get excited for the quizzes, that's how awful studying for my next exam is.  

shopping: at nordstrom rack with co-workers this past month.  sometime last week i had a moment where i thought "man, i dress so boringly so much of the time."  and then i had a girly happy hour martini and went and bought four pieces that i'm totes excited about.  maybe i just needed a lil bit of newness.

august recap

wearing: hmm....i'm not really seeing any themes in this month's outfits.  we were moving/unpacking/working too much for most it, so my creativity was a bit lacking.  i wore white a bunch, so there's that.  watch out, labor day, you're not going to stop my light neutrals obsession!

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