Tuesday, November 20, 2012

dotty, clashtasticness, and gray pants for good measure

dash dot dotty, ootd, j.crew hutton pants, gray wool pants, target sweatshirt, bright orange, gold splotches, fancy sweatshirt, sooo bright
pants: j.crew (exactly)
sweatshirt: target (similar)
belt: h&m
hidden shoes: old navy

creative: i bought a gray version of this sweatshirt last year and so when i saw this upgraded version (blindingly red-orange, gold splotches, sleeve tabs, and an exposed back zipper) i was really excited about it.  i've been pretty good about staying away from cheap shopping lately, but i fell for this sweatshirt hard.  anyway, today it's coming to work with me to add a bit of crazy saturated color to my work life.  i should also point out that my desk is adjacent to a pumpkin orange accent wall.  it's clashtastic.  
young: this sweatshirt is definitely from the junior's department.  
professional: the bottom hem of this sweatshirt really gives away it's identity, so tucked it in is key to keeping this work-appropriate.  

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty

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