Thursday, July 19, 2012

dotty, white jeans, and rollerskates

dash dot dotty, july, white jeans, ootd, silk tank, bird print, green purse, bdg jeans
tank: forever21 
jeans: bdg (exactly)
flats: j.crew
bag: souvenir from rome
necklace: target

apartment hunting.  
we've been doing this for a month and i've seen more questionable basement laundry situations than anyone ever needs to see.  i think we've found a winner though and with more than double the space we have now and hardwood floors, i should be able to really work on my rollerskating skills.  the downstairs neighbors are going to LOVE me.  

july outfit

july outfit

[previously on] white jeans.
funny story: i bought these to wear to work last fall and now i work in a non-jeans firm, so they are definitely not workwear.  i think overall i prefer a dressier work environment though...maybe i just like dressing up or something.  okay, that wasn't actually a funny story.  sorry.

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