Tuesday, June 26, 2012

dotty, neutrals, and pants twins

spring outfit
jacket: theory (similar)
chambray: thrifted
pants: target
glitter flats: j.crew
giant bag: banana republic

i've decided blue is a neutral.  
and one of my co-workers also has bright blue pants, so it gets awkward when we go places together in matching pants.  it's only happened once, but we were also both wearing black jackets.  
anyway, it's tuesday again, so let's break it down.  (there's a bunch of other posts in this series over yonder.)

creative: two different blues!  and i'm totes wearing a cowgirl shirt.
young: glitter toe caps.  
professional: tucked in collared shirt and a structured jacket.  (we're going to ignore that my shirt has snaps instead of buttons.)

spring outfit

spring outfit

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