Friday, March 16, 2012

what's in dotty's bag

hillary does awesome whatsinmybag posts, so i thought i would give it a whirl.

[left to right]ish
extra scarf and hat: a scarf-enir (scarf souvenir) from london and a knit hat from forever21
cole haan case with ray-ban sunnies in it
pocket-sized moleskine notebook: this one is for lists of all kinds
gold pouch from h&m: to store all the oddities that are in the photo below.
orange pencil case: i need three different pen colors at all times.
orange wallet from ebay: i bought it just because it's lime green on the inside.
silver business card holder from muji
iphone 4s: for wordgames and maps.  and the occasional text message or two.
baggu grocery bags: i hate plastic grocery bags oh so much.
banana republic gray leather tote: i've bought this bag twice now.  that's how much i like it.

in the gold pouch:
bag of raw almonds
assorted lip goos
orange tic tacs
miffy pill case: i get migraines and the boy is lactose-intolerant, so we don't leave the house without a miniature pharmacy
e.l.f. shine eraser sheets: more pertinent in the summer when i get shiny
extra headphones: for transit and for listening to my voicemail at work
tiny nail file
individual eyedrops: i wear contacts and like heat vents.  
friction block: for shoe blisters

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