Wednesday, November 2, 2011

dotty wears boots

it's boots season y'all!
and as a boot enthusiast i thought i'd share some of my favorite ways to wear them:

dash dot dotty, fall boots, bright tights, technicolor knees, how to guide,
with punchy tights.
all my boots are neutral colors, so they mingle well with bright tights.  and if you're feeling sheepish about sporting smurf legs, covering up a good percentage with tall boots and a longer dress tones down the saturation.  bonus points for neon tights.  

dashdotdotty, how to, fall boots, dresses, remixing
with a dress.
before the snow starts falling, this a great option to show off your knee caps.  bonus points for added knee socks.

dash dot dotty, style blog, fashion, how to, fall boots, skinny jeans, knee-high boots
with skinnies.
tighter pants work better for this.  bonus points for finding a motorcycle to pose in front of.  

dash dot dotty, fashion blog, fall boots, how to guide, boots with neutral tights,
with neutral tights.
if you match them to the boots they can make your legs look longer.  bonus points for textures and patterns.  

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