Sunday, June 12, 2011

dotty's summer thirty

i've participated in kendi's thirty for thirty challenge twice before (summer and winter), so i think i'm getting better at picking pieces.  this is by far the most color and pattern i've ever incorporated, so hopefully i won't end up looking mismatched by the end.  the links on the item listings below go to my weardrobe catalog, mostly so that i can reference how i've worn the pieces before. 

six pairs.  last round i got thoroughly tired of the four pairs i picked, so variety was key here.
tan wedges, cream sandals, gold flats, metallic oxfords, black peeptoes, and yellow wedges.

four dresses since they are so simple for summer.
a new-ish steel blue shirtdress, a navy number, my favorite orange dress, and a green cotton one.

seven tops because when i added everything up and had extra space i added more in this department.
a black ruffley blouse, a navy tank, a starred tank, a red speckled silk shell, a gray tee, a mustard polyester friend, and a light blue patterned blouse.

five jackets and cardigans for layering.
a white blazer, a besequined cardigan, a lavender cardigan, a gray boy's blazer, and a mustard jacket.

six skirts because i wanted to incorporate two freshly altered thrift finds.
a blue floral vintage skirt, a magenta silk number, a white pencil, a polka dot one, a gray pencil, and a gray lace mini.


and two pairs of pants for when all those skirts lose favor.
a pair of cropped skinny jeans and a pair gray skinny dress pants.

who else is in this time? 

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