Wednesday, May 18, 2011

dash of jojo

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chunk five text + beatles lyrics

and i'm off to the 702 for a spell, but first, a few notes:

  • i was featured yesterday over at shen dove style.  what?  you don't know her?  you best be clicking over then.  
  • i started pinning thanks to a fellow chai lovah.  find me over here on pinterest.  
  • OPI black shatter: is it the nail polish equivalent of rice krispies (snap,crackle, +pop)? please advise. 


  1.  yay, pinterest! as soon as mine forgets to be lame and talk to twitter again, i'll be all over your boards.  :)  i don't know about the OPI shatter... pretty curious, though.  i wonder how long before they just release drops to make any color shatter.

  2. OPI shatter is this the one which creates the "shattered" nail polish look? Sorry for being such an ignorant, but in the UK OPI isn't so huge. ;) Anyway, if your talking about this kind, don't hesitate, just buy it and try it. You'll see how amazing this effect is! :)
    (I think one of my firsts posts on my blog was review of the pink Barry M shattered nail paint, so you can check it out.) X

  3.  Get back, your mama's waiting...wearing her high heel shoes and a low-necked sweater. Love that song! Anyhoo, I loved your interview @ Shen Dove (she's awesome!).

  4.  Here comes an invitation to take part at my Giveaway (A Lomography Panorama Camera, the Sprocket Rocket).
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  5. I totally want to try OPI black shatter! I'll have to check back to see if you do and show-and-tell:)

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    The House in the Clouds

  6.  Oooh, I'm on pininterest now as well! Austin Sun Drops . PS Came across your "how to" on Monkeyface's self-caught and LOVE it. It was so fun to come across your name as I was reading through!