Friday, August 30, 2013

recap: august

this month has been full of television marathons, beach trips, and getting through stressful summer workweeks with a good dose of starbucks runs, fun lunches, and happy hours with my co-worker crew.

i haven't put together a nice and organized collage yet, but it seems like it was a lot of neutral'd out outfits.  i think this farmer's market outfit post was my favorite and this kinda fall-ish work outfit is going to become a weekly occurence.  things seem to be easier for me in the mornings when i just decide to wear all neutrals instead of trying to figure out how to combine red and turquoise.

august budget
after quite a few online orders for things that didn't quite work out, i ended up buying three things this month:
everlane ryan tee in gray: $25 (join here) this tee is slouchy and soft and altogether wonderful.
old navy workout tank: $11.95 (exactly) i have two favorite workout tanks and i find myself a lil disappointed when they are both in the laundry, so i have solved the problem by adding another similar one to my rotation.
old navy shiny toe flats: $21.55 (exactly) i already own these flats in a bunch of different colors (black, nude, black and white spots, and neon yellow) so when i retired two pairs of wornout gray flats in my last closet cleanout, this fancy-toed version was a logical replacement.
august total: $58.50.  yay!  after last month's ridonkulousness, this is a very good thing!  also, we are headed to nevada for labor day, so some nostalgic shopping adventures are definitely happening.  (we lived in las vegas for three years and definitely spent a lot of time at malls and pools.)  and probs some nostalgic poolside lazing too.  so yup, see y'all on the flip side!

p.s. have you met franish?  want to see what a bunch of other bloggers bought this month?  yup yup?  head on over there then.


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