Thursday, August 8, 2013

dotty, leopard shoes, and a bunch of blue

august outfit post
sweater: reiss, borrowed from the boy (similar)
shorts: old old navy (same cut)
loafers: candie's (super similar)
clutch: zara (similar)
necklaces: ebay+light in the box (exactly)

[three things]
1. the boy was recently clearing out his closet, so i've acquired a new crop of slouchy soft things to add to my closet.  this sweater is going to get some serious wearage this fall!
2.  yup, layered necklaces once again.
3. i really like these loafers with black pants (see below) and so i busted them out for some shorts-wearing too.

layering necklaces, how to layer jewelry, summer outfits, ootd, bloooooog

august outfit post

august outfit post

[previously on] leopard loafers
leopard loafers, how to wear leopard slippers, four ways to wear, what to wear, patterned shoes, candie's loafers, remix, style blog

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