Wednesday, July 31, 2013

recap: july

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i made a ginormous order from the zara sale at the end of june, but i had not received all the boxes when i posted my june budget, so it was nicely low and this month's total is crazy high.  i did pretty good with my efforts to buy highly quality pieces and frankly, buying online helps a TON with that.  it's really hard for to make quick decisions when i shop in stores and i end up regretting a lot of my purchases.  with the exception of the pants, i made all my purchases online this month.  

july blog post

july blog post

zara 80s-ish white vest: $59.99 via zara sale (worn here)
everlane silk blouse: $80 (review here)
zara striped jacket: $99.99 via zara sale.  
zara leather-sleeved jacket: $69.99 via zara sale
vince side-stripe black pants: $99.99 via nordstrom rack

zara orange clutch: $49.99 via zara sale
zara ikat slippers: $49.99 via zara sale

total: way over budget ($520) and i have an arbitrary budget of $300.  
p.s. check out franish's budgeting bloggers series to spy on other blogger's spending habits.  

i posted some of our wedding photos
i reviewed some silk shirts,
and i got dressed and went to work a bunch.

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