Tuesday, April 30, 2013

recap: april

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i finally realized that i feel more put-together when i'm wearing at least one pattern and a jacket, so that's been the name of the game this month.  

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gap luxlight cardigan: $34 via gap.com. this silk-blend cardigan is a replacement/upgrade of an old gray cardigan that has seen better days.  (seen in this post)
calvin klein striped dress: $50 via t.j.maxx.  this was a last-minute purchase for an event and i'm hoping that it will make itself useful as a summer work dress.
collective concepts sheer print top: $10 via nordstrom rack.  i adore this brand's prints, but it seems to be all synthetic materials, so this dress had been the only collective concepts piece i owned.  this shirt is sheer and an oversized dolman cut, so i think that helps the polyester-ness.(seen in this post)
old navy pointed toe flats in "high voltage": $20 via oldnavy.com.  i already own these flats in nude and dalmatian print, so i thought bright yellow would be a fun pair to add to my collection.  they're a wee bit too highlighter-ish, so if i can't muster up the courage to wear them soon they'll be headed back.  
old navy black pointed toe flats: $20 via oldnavy.com.  before i bought these i had no black flats in my closet and there were a few times this winter when i wanted a pair to go with black tights.  nothing fancy here, just filling a closet hole.
gap dot legging skimmer jeans: $38 via gap.com.  i can't wear jeans to work, but i am still super excited about these fun jeans.  my colored denim doesn't seem to be getting much attention lately, but this pair adds some oompf to jeans+tee weekend outfits. (seen in this post)
merona leopard-print pencil skirt (not pictured below): $22 via target.  (seen in this post)

april total: $184 
and i sold $52 of old clothes, so really it's $132 out of pocket this month.

april recap


hemingway's the garden of eden.  this book seemed kinda racy for 1946, so maybe that's why he never published it while he was alive.  i've been reading a hemingway every few months and it occasionally reminds me of high school english class....like i should be writing a five paragraph essay on symbolism.  in conclusion, this was not my favorite hemingway and i definitely hated catherine, but it was still a good read.  
david rakoff's don't get too comfortable.  during one particularly boring time at work several years ago i listened to all the this american life archives and since david rakoff is a regular contributor, i've had this book on my "maybe i should read that" list for awhile.  the stories are funny and i listened to this in the car so it was like a this american life marathon without ira glass there to ruin things.  
david sedaris's holidays on ice.  it's not december, but i hadn't read this sedaris book yet and the stories are funny even in april.  

april recap

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