Saturday, December 29, 2012

recap: december


monthly recap
more red than usual, lots of pants, and that theory dress a bunch of times.

my first grown up suit from theory and a bunch of random workout gear.  i've been going to yoga three times a week, so i've been adding to my stretchy pants collection (instead of doing laundry more often.)
dec books

  • dave egger's zeitoun.  i finished this while getting my hair did and my stylist told me "i only read funny books...really only tucker max books" and then we didn't talk anymore.
  • sarah vowell's unfamiliar fishes.  i find her hilarious, but her voice always irks me on this american life, so i'm not entirely sure why i picked this up as an audio book.  7.4 hours later, i know a whole lot more about the history of hawaii and do not hate her voice anymore.  
  • david sedaris's squirrel seeks chipmunk.  not my favorite sedaris book, but still good.  

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