Monday, December 10, 2012

dotty, non-suits, and suits

every once in a very long while (like twice in five years) i have found myself in a situation where, if i were a dude, i would need to be wearing a dark suit and conservative tie.  i've got one of these events this week and i'm kinda freaking out about it--more so about what to wear than the public speaking aspect of it.  i talk about my work all the time, but i definitely don't wear a suit um...ever.  so, i'm weighing my options here.  i have several pairs of j.crew pants that would be good candidates for new, matching jackets.  basically, if i were to buy a suit, the pieces would have to be useful on their own, since they would rarely hang out together.  my other option is to wear coordinating pieces to form some sort of professional ensemble.  i'm kinda leaning toward biting the bullet and just buying a real suit already.  i have a strange feeling that my career is just going to include more and more of these types of events.  

so, since a lot of y'all seem to work in similar environments, i'm looking for a bit of advice on the suit vs. non-suit debate.

outfit poll: the non-suit

outfit poll: the non-suit

^ this is kinda what i'm thinking of if i go non-suit, but with grownup shoes.  

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