Monday, December 17, 2012

dotty, hounds, and ladders

dash dot dotty
equestrian-print blouse: (on loan from) oasis
pants: target (exactly)
boots: target
talon necklace: forever21
belt: j.crew (similar)

these are totally my construction site pants.  i wear them whenever i have field work or meetings since they are easily replaceable, washable, and bootable.*

creative: horses!  this shirt doesn't look too crazy from a distance, but then, BAM!  there's hounds and horses!  they're upside down for some inexplicable reason, but this shirt is just visiting, so i'll let it slide.  
young: glitter belt.  
professional: even on site days, i still can't wear jeans, so this is me trying to keep it professional, but still be able to climb ladders and such.  

*meaning that they work with my super glamorous steel-toed work boots.

dash dot dotty

dash dot dotty

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  1. Cute top, need to scour the store to find some graphic print tops now. Love your style.