Sunday, December 16, 2012

dotty, xmas lists, and lots of hot pink

this year for christmas we're keeping things pretty simple.  i'll be spending christmas with the boy's family, since mine will all be out west celebrating the short stack's fifth birthday and getting a good dose of sunshine.  i already have the boy's super awesome present secured, but he's been too work-busy to go shopping yet, i thought i might share some christmas hints.  i've been trying to add more color and pattern to my wardrobe, so that's where this is coming from.  and hot pink looks extra friendly on rainy, dark days.  


left to right:
a bright smallish crossbody purse since i bought another giant one last time i tried to downsize
a big patterned scarf since i work in a chilly office
stripey glittens since winter will eventually arrive

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