Saturday, December 11, 2010

seven things about dotty

s. over at narrowly tailored tagged me for a seven things deal back on monday.  so, here goes:

  • when i was 21 i packed up my little car and moved to las vegas.  it was for a job.
  • my ex-boyfriends all end up going to law school.
  • i don't like watching movies more than once with very few exceptions (you've got mail, love actually, 500 days of summer) it only works if knowing the ending makes the movie better. 
  • i heart ikea.  i will go there anytime with anyone.
  • i take everything very seriously.  
  • i am sometimes accused of being a three-year-old.  i like straws, mushy foods, mittens, naps, etc.  
  • i name my electronics.  my good camera is bruce.  my older camera is gilbert.   
want in?  consider yourself tagged!


  1. i too will go to ikea any time with anyone. good stuff. :)

  2. Two things:

    1. Would you like to go to Ikea over break?

    2. Last night, I turned out the light and went to give my very sleepy toddler a good-night kiss. She pulled up her fleecy blanket and said. "Good night, Mama. I really love naps." :-D

    3. You should clarify #1. Some people might get the wrong idea when you tell them you went to Vegas for a lucrative job offer where you're surrounded by men all day.

  3. I don't like watching movies more than once too! My husband thinks it's crazy and weird but we usually don't have to buy expensive blu-rays. (There are a couple of of them is 500 days of summer too)

  4. My digital camera is the rebel (not very imaginative as soon as that is what the model is called in the US). My other cameras are the Kinderegg, The Battered Cylon and Mister White. They're not electtonic but I named them anyway ;) My tripod is called Private Pile. :D

    Love your style. Thanks for your comment, I am pleased it lead me here :)

  5. i love your blog! =)