Friday, January 9, 2015

dotty, bad-looking pants, and good-looking hair

january outfit [wearing]
blouse: madewell
pants: theory
necklace: forever21
bag: marc by marc jacobs
belt: j.crew

[three things]
1. These pants definitely do not photograph well, so let's talk about my hair instead.  I was going to get back on the highlighting train at my next hair appointment, but then I saw these photos and decided that I actually like my hair color right now.  So, dear hair, you are welcome for all the damage that I am not going to put you through.

2. I never posted any wardrobe resolutions for the new year, but one of my (very loose) resolutions is to dress up more for work.  Just because I can wear jeans any day of the week doesn't mean I should.  And when I do wear jeans it should be with heels.

3. These pants are part of a suit I bought two years ago and the jacket is a bit tight due to my yoga-ing since then, but these definitely need to get out and about more often.
   january outfit

january outfit

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