Monday, July 21, 2014

dotty, summertime cocktails, and swarming interns

cocktail hour [wearing] 
dress: zara (exactly)
heels: marco santi
clutch: h&m
necklace: forever21

[three things]
1. i've been wanting an asymmetrical dress for awhile.  okay, i used to have one but it was definitely more than this grown-up version.

2. these photos aren't the greatest, but i wanted to document what i wore to a cocktail party that we went to this weekend for the boy's jobbie.  it is absolutely amazing how cool all the summer interns think he is.  there was a swarming cluster of them clamoring to talk to him for the first hour of the party.  #kindofabigdeal

3. all formal events should end with food trucks.  whoever planned this party definitely knew what they were doing!

cocktail hour

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