Monday, April 1, 2013

dotty, remixing, and a lil rambling about closets

april outfit
sweatshirt: target (similar)
shirt underneath: forever21 (similar)
pants: j.crew (similar)
flats: chinese laundry (similar)
bag: banana republic (similar)
watch: forever21 (similar)
necklace: diy

[three things]
1. i wore a very similar outfit to this one back in december and it's perfect for days full of paperwork and internal meetings.   
2. this is kinda random, but i noticed some comments on my flickr page (where i host all my blog photos) about how i must have a whole bedroom converted into a closet.  let me assure you that this is definitely not the case.  all my clothes live in a large-ish non-walk-in closet.  it goes from extremely organized on the weekends to a complete disaster by friday and then i tidy things up to start things all over again.  i also keep an empty box for clothes to donate in my closet, so that if a piece really doesn't work or i see something i haven't worn in awhile it goes straight into the box.  this is my way of trying to keep the volume of clothes from getting too crazy.  i've come to terms with the fact that i like having new clothes every month and that i'm not going to ever "complete" my closet and be done shopping.  it's just not going to happen.  for the last year or so, i've been trying to avoid dropping my whole monthly budget on a bajillion cheap items since i know that almost all of the cheapies i buy don't last more than a month.  (there are a few awesome exceptions to the marled shirt in these photos that has been my closet for three years, these moto jackets that i have in gray and cream, and a few jackets from h&m.)  anyway, i just wanted to make it clear that i am very conscious of my shopping habits and i'm going to assume that the snide comments on flickr are actually compliments about my remixing skillz.  yup, that must be it.  
3. we had a bunch of people over this weekend, so our place is crazy clean (the bathroom still smells a little bleachy), there's lots of leftover snacks, and now that the ridonkulous number of local IPA bottles have been recycled, we're better off than when we started.  i like this.  

april outfit

april outfit

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