Wednesday, April 10, 2013

dotty, a bit too casual, and maybe it's the loafers

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sweater: vince (exactly)
pants: j.crew factory (exactly)
scarf: souvenir
loafers: candie's

[three things]
1. this is about as far into the realm of casual as i go for work outfits.  in theory it meets the dress code since there's no jeans inolved, but it's a bit more weekend-ish than i probably should be wearing to work.  
2. with that said, i am really into this mint+red+rusty brown color combination and now i want to come up with a more dressed up version of this.
3. i've been really into snacking on pumpkin seeds lately.  i've always been a big fan around halloween, but's april.  

april outfit

april outfit

p.s. it's what i wore wednesday!

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