Thursday, January 31, 2013

recap: january

laterz, january
lots of pants.  winter, pencil skirt apathy, and a big project under construction at work have resulted in pants being the best option this month.

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i finished two of the books i started last year: life of pi and the wind-up bird chronicle (seriously, this one didn't get interesting until about page 400) and started a few new ones.  i'm finally listening to extremely loud and incredibly close in the car per elena's suggestion.  

january reading

downton abbey (duh.)
and we saw zero dark thirty and silver linings playbook at the moooovies this month, so i definitely got my popcorn/sad movies quota filled. 

whoa hey, it was kinda a crazy month for shopping.  i was going to blame post-christmas sales, but really my shunning of pencil skirts is more to blame.

marc jacobs metallic clutch (neiman marcus x target christmas collection): $20.99.  it's a cute little shiny guy and i might have ordered a few more for future gifting. (worn in this post)

steve madden spike flats (nordstrom rack): $49.99.  they're tougher than i am and i have yet to impale myself with them. (worn in this post)

mossimo neon lime boyfriend cardigan (target): $13.98.  slouchy, bright, and bought to replace a black long cardigan that has seen better days. (worn in this post)

mossimo hot pink tweed moto jacket (target): $17.48.  i realized that i've been wearing jackets to work a whole lot lately, so the second time i saw this on the clearance rack at target i made my move. (worn in this post)

zara black pleated pants: $29.99.  they're a little high-waisted and a little audrey hepburn in sabrina.  they're totes my new favorite work pants. (worn in this post)

zara cutout dress: $49.99.  maybe it's because i've been going to too many yoga classes, but black stretchy fabric, criss-cross straps, and side cutouts seem very normal now.  oops.

zara shiny flat court shoes: $29.99.  some of my other fun flats need to be retired, so this is the next generation.  

forever21 leopard coat: $15.90.  basically a stuffed animal.  this is a totally silly and trendy purchase, but i'm not denying that.  

forever21 cutout back shirt: $14.90.  (see cutouts notes above.)

total: $243.81
p.s. i'm linking up with franishhhh's budgeting bloggers this month.  

a whole bunch of that lately.  i've leveled up from the beginner classes and am back to feeling super weak and wobbley.  i even went to my very first spin class with fancy real ryder bikes.  it was some odd combination of club-level loud music, burning quads, and yelling about hills and turning.  being able to pedal like crazy for 45 minutes straight seems like a big accomplishment for this formerly super out-of-shape girl though.  

nothing fun at work this month, so i got my illustrator-ness out by switching up my blog header.  click on through and check it out if you're a google reader.  

oberweiss chocolate milk.  seriously so delicious.  and our apartment has an old milk door, so i think it's appropriate that we get glass-bottled milk.  finding a milkman is our next logical step.  

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