Sunday, February 9, 2014

weekend wishlist: long-term purchases


since one of my big goals for the year is to shop more long-term, so i've been trying to focus on making sticking with a list of bigger purchases to save up for.  so far i've been doing alright with not buying things just because they are a deal.  i went to t.j. maxx with a friend and only bought a pack of ridiculously glittery nail files and then i brightened some of my co-workers days with some glittery goodness, since i definitely don't need six of those guys.  anyway, in january all i bought was two cozy sweaters (a cowlneck seen here and a giant cardigan seen here) which have made this dreadful winter a wee bit better.

moving forward, i plan on sticking with my plan to stop buying cheap clothes entirely (i posted about it back here) since i know that it's a slippery slope of free shipping minimums and coupon codes.  i also started a list of specific items to fill gaps in my current wardrobe:

one: a raincoat.  i have a bajillion winter coats, but nothing waterproof for non-freezing rain.  i'm looking for either a classic trench that's waterproof or a more casual parka in olive green.
(mango parka pictured above)

two: pleated work pants.  the most perfect pair ever eventually wore out (see them here, also i want that hair back) and this zara pair appears to be the same cut.
(zara trousers pictured above)

three: friday pants.  now that my office has casual fridays, i'm in the market for a pair of neutral jean-like pants to mix things up.  some sort of print or texture would be good too.
(zara jeans pictured above)

four: a lady bag.  i want to combine the satchel-ness of my philip lim x target bag (seen here and pretty much everyday) and the color and quality of my banana republic tote (seen here).  i already own the matching wallet for this bag (seen here) and have been super duper happy with it.
(marc jacobs "classic q lil ukita" pictured above)

five: a statement dress.  i wear my theory lightning-print dress all the time (seen here) and i think a mirrored-print dress would look amazing with a plain jacket.
(asos "woodland print midi" pictured above)

six: d'orsay flats.  i love me some pointy-toed flats, but i have yet to find a pair that doesn't look too cruella deville-ish.
(alice and olivia "hillary" flats pictured above)

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