Thursday, July 11, 2013

dotty, birds, and snakes

july outfits
tank: love21
pants: silence&noise (similar)
heels: merona (exactly)
purse: target

[three things]
1. the difference between this silk tank and polyester pants definitely becomes more obvious when it gets hot out.  ick.  i recently finished reading overdressed, so i'm now very suspicious of cheap and/or polyester clothes.  double ick.
2. pattern mixing galore!  birds and geometric lines and snakeskin?  yup.  that just happened.
3. i've been really liking the combination of slouchy pieces with heels lately.  it might just be right combination of comfy and dressed up for me.  jill has this theory about combining something neutral, casual, and dressy and i am definitely on board with this.  

july outfits

july outfits

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